It's been a crazy month. First things first, I got a job! It's part-time and is a lot closer to what I would like to do. Yay! Besides that, August has been tough. Both cars broke down and the A/C has now broken down twice. As of right now, I am sitting under my fan trying to stay cool. Not sure if I mentioned it last year, but when I moved back home to Texas last August we had a bunch of stuff break down (water heater, washer/dryer, car, A/C...). August, apparently, isn't our month.

I've had thoughts of changing up this blog. I'd love to know what you guys do like, so I can make sure that certain things stick around. Let me know in the comments!

Here's to hoping my A/C gets fixed tomorrow! Till then I'll just be sitting under my fan dreaming of winter.
Stay cool, everyone!

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you don't always win


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fall favorites from stella & dot


fall favorites from stella & dot // goodheart blog

Fall. Sweaters, chai tea lattes, boots, and pumpkin everything comes to mind. It is my favorite time of year, and the fashion for this season is no exception. Stella & Dot definitely made a great collection this year, and I pretty much love all of it. Really, all of it.

Items Included (clockwise - top to bottom):
Fanella Statement Necklace
Chelsea Tech Wallet
Pavé Spear Ring
Talullah Bib Necklace
Pavé Arrow Cuff // Pavé Chevron Cuff // Pavé Triangle Cuff (trio of bracelets)
Signature Engravable ID Tag
Union Square Scarf
Janice Studs
Madison Tech Bag

Definitely check out these items and all of the collection, here!

You can also follow my mom's Stella & Dot Facebook page, here.

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just be happy


just be happy // Lily & Val

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disney trip: magic kingdom


magic kingdom #disney // goodheart blog The second part of my Disney adventure! We spent a day and a half at Magic Kingdom. I didn't take too many pictures, it was just so hot and packed to take out my camera very often, of course I did get some shots of Cinderella's castle. I felt I enjoyed this park much more as a kid. However, for the rides we could have planned it better. If you have the magic bands and sign up for fastpass+, realize that there is a certain time (a one hour window) where you can go on the ride. We didn't realize that at first, and passed up on a ride because we needed to wait 3 hours. Oops!
magic kingdom #disney // goodheart blog magic kingdom #disney // goodheart blog magic kingdom #disney // goodheart blog
I was really excited to see the new parts of the park, namely in Fantasyland. They definitely did such a nice job, but I was kind of sad that the part that was from Tangled was just for bathrooms. Sad day my friends, since that movie is one of my favorites. The Be Our Guest restaurant and The Seven Dwarfs ride were extremely popular, definitely try to reserve and get your fastpass+ ahead of time.
magic kingdom #disney // goodheart blog magic kingdom #disney // goodheart blog
Overall, it was nice to go back. Got to see all the new things and remember my trip from before. I would love to go back, but not during the last weekend in June.

Have you been to Magic Kingdom? What's your favorite part?

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